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CSS Virginia II (1864-1865)

CSS Virginia II, a 197-foot long ironclad ram, was built at Richmond, Virginia, and completed in 1864. She served on the James River for her entire career. During 1864, the ironclad participated in engagements at Trent's Reach on 21 June, Dutch Gap on 13 August and 22 October and Signal Hill on 17 August.

On 23-24 January 1865, Virginia II took part in a Confederate Navy attempt to force the obstructions at Trent's Reach and attack Federal bases further down the river. This daring effort failed when CSS Richmond and Virginia II went aground. They were only able to escape after suffering considerable damage from the fire of USS Onondaga and shore batteries. When Richmond was evacuated on 3 April 1865, CSS Virginia II was one of several Confederate Navy ships that had to be destroyed to prevent their capture.



Launched: 1863
Commissioned: June 1864
Decommissioned: 1865
Fate: Burned to prevent captured
General Characteristics
Displacement: ?
Length: 197 ft
Beam: 47 ft 6 in
Draught: 14 ft
Propulsion: Steam engine
Complement: 150 officers and men
Armament: 1 11" Brooke smoothbore, 1 8" Brooke rifle, 2 6.4" Brooke rifle

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