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CSS Baltic, an iron and cottonclad sidewheeler, was built in 1860 as a river tow boat, and belonged to the Southern Steamship Co. She was purchased by the State of Alabama, converted to an armored ram, and turned over to the Confederate States Navy in the middle of 1862. Her first commanding officer was Lieutenant James D. Johnston, CSN.

Throughout the American Civil War Baltic operated in Mobile Bay and the Mobile, Alabama and Tombigbee Rivers. Reported unfit for service in February 1863, her sinking condition prevented her joining the defense of Mobile Bay in June 1864. She was dismantled by July 1864 and her armor transferred to CSS Nashville.

Baltic was captured at Nanna Hubba Bluff, Tombigbee River, Alabama, on May 10, 1865, and sold to the U.S. Government on December 31, 1865.



Launched: 1860
Commissioned: 1862
Decommissioned: July 1864
Fate: Captured May 10, 1865
General Characteristics
Displacement: 624 tons
Length: 186 ft
Beam: 38 ft
Draught: 6 ft 5 in
Propulsion: Steam engine
Complement: 86 officers and men
Armament: 2 Dahlgrens, 2 32-pounders, 2 smaller pieces

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